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'This is the most comfortable knee brace I have ever worn. I have big knees which swell and this fits perfectly. Its stretchy, warm and doesn't roll down like some as it has two flexible strips running down either side which makes a huge difference.It protects joints, aids circulation,and uses bamboo charcoal and germanium to recover cells and energise. It doesn't cut into my legs, stays put all day and I will be ordering another one for my other knee.For anyone suffering with joint problems or arthritis this is perfect.'

(Mellow Pellow) (S-Support Knee Sleeve)

'Bought for hiking to try + avoid blisters on my little toes that bend under, these help enormously. I'm a size 6 with a wide foot and they fit well. Seem good quality so far, have already bought a second pair for changing on longer walks.'       

(Mr E Gardiner) (Athletic Toe Crew Socks)

'4 years ago I was involved in a crash where I was hit from behind. Ever since then, my back has never been the same. After standing for prolonged periods of time, I eventually have to lay down to relieve the pain. 

Firstly, it's really easy to use with the adjustable Velcro to choose a 'tightness' that is comfortable. Also having worn it for a couple of weeks now, I've noticed that it does not make me sweat any extra, so the material appears to be quite breathable. And finally, it's also comfortable. I would really recommend this for any bad back sufferers. I'd just wish I'd found this sooner!'

(Steve) (C-Fit Back Support)

'I absolutely LOVE these gloves! Living on a farm, dealing with animals etc. there are many times during the cold months where I need to be able to feel properly with my fingers i.e. gloves off but do not want to take the whole glove off risking it falling in the mud etc. These are perfect! Not only that but the mitten cover is held back in place by magnets! Yes, there are two small, round magnets - one on the cover and one on the back of the glove - so that when you are using the gloves as fingerless the cover is not flapping around everywhere getting in the way. There is an individual flap on the thumb but this does go back as much as the mitten cover.

The gloves I ordered are wind red and they match with the other accessories (scarf and hat). The material is two layers melded (grey on the inside, wind red on the outside) creating extra warmth. This material is water repellent and wind resistant. The black pattern on the palms is silicone so providing you with extra grip. Fantastic idea. The cuffs are black as is the trim on the mitten cover part of the gloves. I ordered medium and they fit just right.'

(Richard & Liz) (3Warm Half-Ginger Gloves)

'Great hybrid knee brace. I have tried many braces and this is the best overall. I call it a hybrid because it combines the best feature of the Ace Knee Brace and the Futuro Knee Support.

The Ace has metal stabilisers on either side of the brace which can help with straightening out the leg. Makes the knee feel bionic. However, after awhile the Ace would not stay on my leg very well because the velcro fastening system would lose effectiveness. Also the Ace is too bulky. The Futuro is a nice support for everyday use to help if you are not doing anything too strenuous. It stays on OK if you hike it way up over your knee, up the thigh. It is also more comfortable than the Ace, but that is to be expected as the Ace is better for athletics.

Now the Vital combines the stabilisation of the ACE through plastic stabilisers and the comfort of he Futuro since it is also a knit support. The stabilisers are not as strong as the ACE, but I do not seem to need anything more. The Vital stays on better than the Futuro because it is much longer and does not shift at all. However, it is heavier and thicker than the Futuro so I can anticipate using the Futuro at times when weather is very hot'

(WC) (S-Support Knee Sleeves)