About Us

Vital Sport offer a really exciting breakthrough technology in Sports, Fitness and Therapy.

We already work with Top Sports teams, Therapy professionals and Medical surgeons across the world. 

We are a UK based company supplying the UK Sports and Therapy markets with our range of Vital Salveo apparel.

Health is inseparable from exercise. Wearing appropriate apparel is crucial to recover from and prevent injury.

We own Functional-fibre textile technology and through the 'VITAL' materials of Germanium and Carbon, we have tested and proven the positive effects of our apparel through clinical trials.

Our professional research and design team continue to innovate high quality products which people need for Health, Pain, Recovery and Exercise.

VITAL SPORT products are designed using close weave structures to wrap the joints thus enhancing muscular endurance. The Germanium high-tech energy fibre strengthens far infrared resonance and releases negative ions, Keeping the body warm, improving blood circulation and metabolism.

We continue to constantly test & prove our products and have a dedication to helping all people recover and exercise pain free.

We collaborate, support and partner many Sports teams, Athletes, Therapy professionals and medical institutions around the globe, who recognise Vital Salveo for its outstanding recovery and pain relieving benefits.