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'The Magic of 'GE32' '

We are often asked what is so special about Vital Sports range of apparel?

There are lots of products on the market for Injury & recovery, this is something we acknowledge, its a great market, with lots of competition and some established brands. 

So, first lets address 'Compression' wear and how this works, This was recently published in 'Mens Fitness' looking at this topic.

The study, published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, rounded up 16 competitive male distance runners. They were fixed with monitors and masks to measure their gait, oxygen intake, and other variables, then set loose on a treadmill, running at three progressively increasing speeds. Compression sleeves were slipped over calves, and the treadmill test was repeated, the New York Times reported

Results showed that there was no statistically significant difference in running efficiency or biomechanics between when the runners wore compression and when they did not. If the sleeves had functioned as expected, the runners would have used less oxygen. 

Fear not if you’re a sprinter, a basketballer, or a bodybuilder, though. Compression gear can be advantageous in situations where an athlete is engaging in explosive movements, like sprinting, leaping and jerking, a 2013 review of more than 30 studies found.  
It is generally acknowledged that compression prevents muscle vibration, particularly during running, Vibration can cause micro-traumas or ruptures in the muscle, resulting from the force of the impact when your foot hits the ground. Though there is little conclusive evidence. 
We do believe compression works, but the key dynamic here is to separate Exercise & Recovery and the final 'Vital' ingredient GE32
Vital Sport has patented technology that produces yarn (textiles) with the composition of Germanium (GE32) and Carbon. Germanium has been proven through many medical trials, test and observations to have a naturally occuring impact on the body. This process occurs when it is activated by direct contact with body heat. 
The study below was a straight forward Doppler test into blood flow observed in Humans with and without our products, the results show a staggering increased blood flow of up to 23% when wearing our apparel. 
This is crucial in differentiating 'Vital Sport' apparel with other compression apparel;
First due to the distinct advantages of increased blood flow - such as, removal of lactic acid, reduced inflammation, increased warmth, and improved performance. 
And second, Perhaps the most important aspect, RECOVERY!
When you are exercising, blood is pumping naturally. However post exercise it slows, heart rate decreases, and compression alone can restrict the blood flow.
Vital Sport apparel continues the recovery process through the physiological effect of the Germanium in contact with the body. This doesn't stop or run out, its continuous everytime you wear the apparel. 
So Compression + GE32/Carbon = Ultimate Performance & Recovery
We have products that combine both such as our recovery leg sleeves, or compression performance socks. 
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